Award of Excellence

Legislature Building Major and Minor Dome Roof Replacement

Owner:  Alberta Infrastructure
Designer:  n/a
General Contractor:  Gracom (BRXTON)
Masonry Contractor:  Gracom (BRXTON)
Masonry Supplier:  Boston Valley Terra Cotta
Masonry Expert:  BBStek Design
Ceramic Expert:  Brampton Brick
Engineer:  Building Science Engineering

Award of Merit

Western Canada High School Partial Modernization TP#3

Owner:  Calgary Board of Education
Designer:  Cohos Evamy Integrated Design
General Contractor:  Clark Builders
Masonry Contractor:  Gracom Masonry (Brxton)
Masonry Supplier:  Cathederal Stone Products Inc.

Honourable Mention

Biscuit Block

Owner:  Royop Development Corporation
Designer:  Abugov Kaspar Architecture, Urban Design, Engineering, Interior Design
General Contractor:  Graham Construction & Engineering LP
Masonry Contractor:  IB Jensen Masonry Ltd.
Masonry Supplier:  Brock White
Mechanical Consultant:  Williams Engineering Canada
Electrical Consultant:  Williams Engineering Canada
Engineer:  Williams Engineering Canada


Alberta Hotel

Owner:  Five Oaks Inc.
Designer:  Dub Architects Ltd.
General Contractor:  TC Biggs Construction Ltd.
Masonry Contractor:  Remo's Masonry
Masonry Supplier:  IXL Masonry Supplies Ltd
Conservation consultant and expert:  College of Stone Carving and Resoration
Engineer:  Protostatix Engineering Consultants In

Alberta Legislature - East & West Stairs

Owner:  Government of Alberta, Alberta Infrastructure
General Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.
Masonry Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.
Engineer:  Building Science Engineering Ltd.

Garneau Lamp

Owner:  The City of Edmonton, Sustainable Development
Masonry Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.

Gord White - Fireplace Matco's Ranch

Le Marchand Mansion

Owner:  Harvard Property Management Inc.
General Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.
Masonry Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.
Consultant:  Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Lofts on First

Owner:  Timbercreek Asset Management
Designer:  Casola Koppe Architects
General Contractor:  UPA Construction Group
Masonry Supplier:  Brock White
Engineer:  TRL and Associates

McDougall Centre - Sandstone Rehabiliation

Owner:  Alberta Infrastructure
Designer:  Simpson Roberts Architecture
General Contractor:  Alberta Infastructure Property Management Branch
Masonry Contractor:  Gracom Masonry (Brxton)

Okotoks Performing Arts

Owner:  Town of Okotoks
Designer:  Quinn Young Architects Ltd.
General Contractor:  Hurst Construction Co. Ltd.
Masonry Contractor:  Gracom Masonry (Brxton)
Masonry Supplier:  Brock White Canada Company
Engineer:  BEI Engineering Inc.

Red Deer College Arts Centre Barrel Vault

Owner:  Red Deer College
Designer:  Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd.
Masonry Contractor:  Scorpio Masonry (Northern) Inc.

Sheppard Residence - Restoration

Owner:  Jackie Sheppard
Designer:  DeJong Design Associates Ltd.
General Contractor:  Waterford Homes Inc.
Masonry Contractor:  Gracom Maconry (Brxton)
Masonry Supplier:  Brock White Canada Company
Supplier:  I-XL Masonry Supplies Inc.

Supported Products

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