We set out to improve the longevity of architecture in Alberta through the aesthetic and stable appeal of masonry design.


Augmented Brick Winery

The Kitrvs winery façade built from 13,596 individually rotated and tilted bricks is currently the largest architectural project entirely assembled on-site with an augmented reality fabri­cation interface.


Bob Villa Discusses Brick Homes

Wondering about brick as the cladding choice for your home? Listen to Bob Villa discuss all there is to know about brick houses.


Stone House Gets a Modern Feeling

Mrizi i Zanave Agroturizëm is the name of a quintessential guest house located in Lezhë, Albania. An old stone house underwent a stunning renovation and now features a modern glass corner giving the building a beautiful but unique look.


Stunning Brick Home Designed to Keep Cool

The building features traditional Vietnamese architectural design with modern design elements to create a minimalist, yet spectacular energy-efficient home.  The home features porous brick walls, an open courtyard and a layout which utilizes cross-breezes.


Residential Tower Redefined with Brick

The concept facilitates a complete redefinition of a tower which emphasizes views outward,  greenery, and natural sunlight. Along, with an interesting, beautiful and durable exterior. 


Fingerprints of Ancient Masons Reveal Advanced Iron Age Construction Technique

Ancient fingerprints were recently found by archaeologists - dating back 5,000 years from Egypt to Denmark. It is likely that these fingerprints were made deliberately in the mudbricks, as part of the construction of the wall. They were then filled with a crude mortar which cemented the bricks together. This technique is still common and is known as "frogs" in modern technology.


Bricking It: Innovative Applications Of Man’s Most Trusted Material

Brick is one of the most ancient and familiar building materials known to man, and its strength, character and flexibility of use continue to attract architects working on innovative contemporary buildings. We examine some key projects that demonstrate the benefits of building with brick.


CBC Homestretch with Darrel Babuk

Sandstone and bricks were the building materials of choice for many Alberta towns and cities more than a hundred years ago. For architect Darrel Babuk, each brick and stone tells a story about Alberta's past.


Can a Robot Lay Bricks?

Is there such a thing as smart bricks? Are robots the future of construction? Take a look at this video and tell us what you think!


Built to Last

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, one home survived in Mexico Beach, Florida. The house stayed upright because it was built last year to codes that were even more strict than laws required. We can account for increasing weather events by building with durable materials and best-practice ways. 


How November Got Her Growl Back

Two grotesques at Westmount School are getting reconstructive surgery care of a stone carver who's come all the way from Norway.


Read our Fall 2018 Newsletter Now!

Read about everything Alberta Masonry Council has been up to the last year!


What’s In Your Wall?

Our sister association MasonryWorx has written a must-read article on Building Envelope.


History Goes Hand-in-Hand with Masonry

History Goes Hand-in-Hand with Masonry In Cuba over 90% of the buildings are built with masonry. This rings true with most countries across the world with buildings built and still standing before the 20th century.  History and the buildings it was created in are often built with masonry. Take a [...]


Integrating Wood Frame with Masonry Technical Aids Now Available!

Integrating Wood Frame with Masonry Technical Aids Now Available! Alberta Masonry Council has partnered with MasonryWorx, the Wood Council and Moses Engineering to procure technical aids for designing buildings with masonry and wood-frame construction. Click here to Download


Integrating Wood Frame with Masonry Design Aids

Integrating Wood Frame with Masonry Design Aids Struggling to design with mid-rise wood-frame and masonry construction? Stay tuned as we develop more technical aids to help with design problems and considerations! Use the button below to download our latest resources. View Resources


Masonry Matters: Four Reasons The World Needs More Brick, Stone & Concrete

Masonry Matters: Four Reasons The World Needs More Brick, Stone & Concrete, By Steve Maxwell If you ever go to Europe, be sure to knock on some interior walls. Every one that I’ve checked out has been solid masonry – no hollow sounding, noise transmitting frame walls. They use so much [...]


The Basics of How a Masonry Heater Works

The Basics of How a Masonry Heater Works Masonry fireplaces can maximize heat while minimizing pollution. They are beautiful and a one of a kind feature to any room.


Reasons to Love Masonry

See why masonry combines the facets of beauty, heritage and durability like no other building materials can.

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