About Us

Alberta Masonry Council is a not-for-profit association which was incorporated in 2011 by the supplier and installer members of the Masonry Contractors Association of Alberta to promote the use of masonry in Alberta.

We set out to improve the longevity of architecture in Alberta through the aesthetic and stable appeal of masonry design.

Our mission is to promote masonry through education, marketing, and technical guidance.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Lafontaine – Expocrete an Old Castle Company – Chairman

  • Derek Kowalchuk – Fiddlerock Masonry – Vice Chair #1

  • Conrad Tycholaz – Westar Masonry – Vice Chair #2

  • Bob Driedger – Brock White – Vice Chair #3

  • Fraser Powell – Cast Supply

  • Kevin Quark – Golden Boy Masonry

  • Danine McDougall – Aurora Masonry

  • Georgina Kostiuk – Brock White

  • Louis St. Laurent – Scorpio Masonry

  • Denis Charbonneau – SpecMix

  • Joe Black – I-XL Building Products

  • Jamie Sorensen – IB Jensen

  • Mark Hagel – Engineering Director

  • Karen Schneider – Executive Assistant

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